NLE Choppa - I.Y.B.

NLE Choppa - I.Y.B.
  • Формат: mp3
  • Размер: 3.61 МБ
  • Длительность: 1:34
  • Качество: 320 kbps
  • Дата релиза: 02 январь 2022
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NLE Choppa - I.Y.B.
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Текст песни NLE Choppa - I.Y.B.
Knuck if you buck, buck
Glizzy got some big nuts
I'ma get a nigga touched
I had to kill such and such
Knuck if you dumb, bitch
Glizzy got a whole dick
If a nigga move wrong
He gon' get his ass hit (Yeah)

Push his wig back like a nigga receding
Shoot him in the stomach, them bullets he eatin' (Brr)
Pop him in his top, then his brain start leakin'
Better shut the fuck up when a nigga start speakin'
Knock a nigga weight off like I'm doing lipo